How are download fees calculated?

Each unique device that has downloaded an issue incurs a 15 cent download charge. For example, if someone downloads an issue on both their iPhone and iPad, you will incur a 30 cent charge. 

For the Web Reader, there is a .15 cent charge only for the first time a reader views or "downloads" an issue, so again, no duplicates.

You are not charged for 'tire-kickers' who only download the app, look at the 'About' page and never download an issue.

You are not charged download fees for the free About article bundled with your app.

If a person subscribes to your publication, but fails to download any issues, you get that subscription revenue with no download fees

TypeEngine decided to go with a flat charge rather than a percentage of revenue in order to avoid becoming middle men between you and Apple/Google. (In order to charge a percentage of your revenue we would have to have Apple/Google pay us, skim our percentage, then pay our customers. ) 

If you are concerned about a high volume of download fees, contact us at for flat monthly or yearly rates with no download fees. 

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