How do I use the TypeEngine preview app?

You can download the TypeEngine preview app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch at or for Android devices by clicking here.

The TypeEngine preview app allows you to see how your publication will appear on an actual device before publishing. Make an update in the console, refresh the app and see your changes.

The screen shots below illustrate how to use the preview app. 

1. Log in using your TypeEngine credentials. These are the same credentials you use to log into the console. If you have yet to register your publication, you can do so at

2. After updating your publication in the console, tap Settings then tap Refresh Menu. This will force the app to look for changes to your templates, articles and other app settings. An article must be assigned to an Issue for it to be viewed in the preview app.

3. After tapping Refresh Menu, navigate to the Issue Selector Menu, tap the issue that contains your updates, notice that there will now be a download button for that issue, tap Download and your issue will re-download. 

Please note you can log out at any time by tapping Settings then tapping Log Out.

If you notice that your changes are not updating in the preview app, try this: Background the app, kill it, then reopen it. Your changes should be displayed after that.

Go ahead! Get in there and start previewing your awesomeness!

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