How do I create an issue?

We start you off with the required About issue that gets bundled with your app. You can edit the About issue to meet your needs. But we recommend including at least one additional issue with your app submission.

So here's how to create all additional issues:
  1. On the Dashboard, click Create An Issue or in the menu at the top, click Issues then Create A New Issue
  2. Enter your issue title
  3. Click Create
  4. In the Details tab, here are the fields:
    Upload Cover Art - Cover art is required. Click Choose File to select your cover art. APPLE REQUIRES THIS FILE TO BE A PNG. The cover art should be 1024 pixels on the longest side and no more than a 2:1 aspect ratio. Try to maintain size consistency between issues. You can find more information on cover art here.
    Teaser - Teasers should be at least 10 characters long, but no more than 150. There should be descriptive of the issue's content.
    New Issue Push Notification Message - A brief message sent to users of your app when this issue is published.
    Edition Date - The Edition Date is required. The Edition Date is what orders your issue. You have the option to turn the display of this on or off in the settings area. The edition date is required whether you decide to make it visible in your app or not as we need it in order to publish your issues in the correct sequence. NOTE: Your About Issue must have the earliest Edition Date out of all issues.
  5. After making changes, be sure to click Save
  6. Click onto Articles
    Any articles that have not yet been assigned to an issue appear here. (
    Here's how to draft an article.) Please note that Articles that have not been assigned to an Issue will not appear in the TypeEngine Preview App for review.
    Create New Article and Assign to this Issue - Click this button to create a new article that will automatically be assigned to the issue you are currently editing.
    Add To This Issue - Click this button to add any unassigned articles to be included in this issue. You can add articles that are either in Draft or Ready to Publish status. All articles within an issue must be Ready to Publish or be removed from the issue before you can Publish an issue. 
  7. Click onto the Pricing tab to set issue as free or assign an offer
    NOTE: Setting any values on this tab will effect this issue only. If you’d like to sell this issue individually, at least one platform must be configured on the Build My App screen.

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