How do I assign a template and metadata to my article?

  1. Open an article
  2. Click Details
  3. Under Assign to Issue, select an issue from the dropdown menu
  4. Under Assign Template, select the desired template from the dropdown menu. (These templates originate from the Design tab in the Settings and Downloads area.) 
  5. Under Subtitle, enter plain text if you wish to assign a subtitle to your article.
  6. Under Article Type, select or enter the article type. Examples of article types are: New, Feature, Letter From the Editor etc. If you have entered article types in the past, they will be selectable here. To add a new article type or select an old one, simply start typing what you are looking for or would like to enter.
  7. Under Custom Sharing URL, overwrite the TypeEngine system sharing and use your own url for a particular article or parts of an article
  8. Under Teaser, entering an article teaser is optional, if you'd like introductory text in your app's article selector menu, enter it here
  9. Under Article Endnote, if you would like to include an endnote, enter it in plain text
  10. Click Save Details

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