How do I fill out the Build My App iOS - 7.0+ form?

Please completely fill out this screen for submission. For most fields, a tool tip with a question mark (?) is available with a description of what's needed in the field. Here's a further description of the ones commonly asked about:

~ iTunes Developer account info - you will need to join the iTunes Developer Program to submit an app to iTunes.

~ iOS Applications Contract (Free or Paid), Banking and Tax info - once you join the Developer program, log in to iTunes Connect to complete these.

~ iTunes App Description - see here for requirements and here for more advice.

~ Support URL - you must have a web page that directs users to a support contact.

~ Privacy Policy URL - you must have a web page that directs users to an actual privacy policy.

~ In-App Purchase Display Name - This is shown when the reader hits subscribe and it prompted: "Do you want to subscribe to {In-App Purchase Display Name} …" ? It has to be at least 10 characters and is usually the same as your app name. 

~ In-App Purchase Description - this should briefly describe what your users will get for their purchase. Users will not see this, only the Apple reviewer will.

~ Artwork - yep, all of these are required too. The size requirements are given in the ? tooltips and here. Must be .png format.

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