Where can I get statistics and analytics on my apps?

Access to your analytics is critical to evaluating the success of your TypeEngine apps. Here are some questions and answers to help you find the statistics for your apps.

App Downloads and Subscriptions

Questions: How many people downloaded my app from the app store? How many people have subscribed? How much money are we making?

Answer: Apple is the only one who knows the answer to these questions. However the iTunes Connect reporting portal can be a bit difficult to interpret. We highly recommend that you sign up for an AppFigures account https://appfigures.com. It will attach to your iTunes connect account, read in your iTunes connect reports, and show you sensible reports on that information. 

Issue Downloads

Questions: How many of my issues have been downloaded from TypeEngine? How much money are we going to owe TypeEngine for those downloads?

Answer: In the TypeEngine console, you can find the metrics we track and report for issue downloads. This information helps you understand your charges from TypeEngine. All other metrics are available to you in either Google Analytics or in iTunes Connect.

User Interaction within Your App

Questions: Which of my articles are being read the most? How many of my articles are being shared? Where are my users geographically? How long are people staying in the app? What devices are people using to view my app?

Answer: The statistics for these questions can be found in your Google Analytics account.

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