How do I set up a single issue for sale through iTunes?

You can choose to offer single issues for individual sale. They will be available to purchase by anyone, including non-subscribers. Publisher download fees will still apply to these issues.

Currently, for each single issue that you would like to set up for sale individually, you must create an In-App Purchase in iTunes Connect. This will need to be reviewed and approved by Apple in order to be available for sale.

Since the steps can be complicated, we've created some step-by-step instructions on how to set up an issue for individual sale. Please feel free to follow either:

Pre-requisites to setting up one issue for sale:

Two browser tabs open
- An Issue set up in the TypeEngine console (it does not need to be published first)
- Screenshot of an article from the issue with these dimensions: must be 640x920 pixels and 72 DPI

Steps to setting up one issue for sale:
Tab 1 - TypeEngine console -
1. Log into your TypeEngine account
2. Click onto "Issues"
3. Click onto the issue you want to sell individually
4. In that issue, click onto the "Pricing" tab on the left - Please leave this screen open so you can copy and paste the iTunes Product ID shortly.

Tab 2 - iTunes Connect -
5. Log into your iTunes Connect account
6. Click onto "Manage Your Apps"
7. Click onto your current app
8. On the right side of the screen, click onto the "Manage In-App Purchases" button
9. Click the "Create New" button
10. Under the "Non-Consumable" section, click the "Select" button
11. Under In-App Purchase Summary, enter in a "Reference Name" - This name is only seen in iTunes Connect to identify the issue and your subscribers will not see this name.

Go back to Tab 1 - TypeEngine console
12. Go to the Issue > Pricing, and click on "Find" under "iTunes Offer", then highlight and copy the suggested "ID".

Tab 2 - Switch to iTunes Connect
13. Paste this into the "Product ID" field in iTunes Connect
14. Under the "Pricing and Availability" section, make sure "Cleared for Sale" is set to Yes
15. Using the "Price Tier" drop-down, select the individual issue sale price - Click onto the "View Pricing Matrix" link to view the App Store Pricing Matrix
16. Under the "In-App Purchase Details" section, click onto the "Add Language" button - The "Add Language" window will open.
17. If the issue's name and description will be in a language other than English, please select the correct language in the "Language" drop-down
18. Enter in the "Display Name" - This name is what your subscribers will see when they purchase this issue, for example, the name of the issue. It cannot be longer than 75 characters.
19. Enter in the "Description" - This description is not seen by your subscribers. It is provided for Apple's Review Team. It describes the in-app purchase. It cannot be longer than 255 characters. Here's a sample description: This is Issue 1. Purchasing this issue allows a user to download this issue.
20. Click Save in the "Add Language" window
21. Under "Hosting Content with Apple", make sure No is selected
22. Under "Screenshot for Review", click onto the "Choose File" button, select the screenshot of the article mentioned in the Pre-requisites and click "Choose"
23. Click Save on the screen
24. Once you have been returned to the "In-App Purchases" screen, put a checkmark next to the In-App Purchase you just created
25. At the top of the list of In-App Purchases, click onto the "Submit for Review" button
26. In the Alert window that appears, click Submit - Note that once approved, this issue will immediately be available for sale.

Your new In-App Purchase has been submitted to Apple and they will review and (most likely) approve it within approximately 10 days. Once marked Ready for Sale, allow 24 hours for it to show through the App Store. Keep this in mind if you've marked it to release at a date in the future.

Tip # 1: You can choose to set up each issue individually for sale, or you may choose to offer them as a bundle by putting the same Product ID on desired issues.

Tip # 2: You could promote a limited time offer, for example "Now through the 15th you can buy this bundle of issues for half price." You would do this by setting the price tier for a certain date interval. See the heading "Changing Product Pricing" in this reference:

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