How do I set up web log in for WordPress?

If you have a presence on Wordpress,* you can allow your supporters to access your mobile app or Web Reader, by using their same credentials for these websites.

To set one of these up you will need to have at least one issue pushed to “Published.” 
  1. Sign in to your TypeEngine account and click on the Build My App section
  2. Under the heading 'Add an external log in to your app', choose WordPress - a WordPress website link will appear under forms
  3. Click on the link to fill out the Wordpress form
  4. Paste your WordPress website address into the field labeled Wordpress site URL
  5. Enter in the optional fields, if you want those features - Days until login expires and Reset Password URL
  6. Click Save
Readers will then have the option to log in using their valid web credentials via the provider you have chosen.

P.S. If you choose to set this up, you might consider setting up your publication with a Web Reader, allowing access to your full content for reading on the web.

*More providers will be available in the future. (Let us know if you have a request).

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