Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your TypeEngine account at any time (*sniff*), by following these steps:

1 Sign into your TypeEngine console
2 Click on 'Account Information'
3 Scroll to the 
bottom of the page and click on 'Cancel App Billing'

Note: If you have more than one publication, you'll need to hit 'Cancel App Billing' for each you wish to cancel.

Your final bill will be sent with a prorated amount of the current billing period. Your information will remain accessible in the console, and you can easily export your content under Publication > Export.

Because we submit under your iTunes Account, you own your app and have full control over its future. This makes transition seamless, and you can simply release a new version of your app as an update for your readers. Or if you'd like to remove your app from sale, you can do so through your iTunes Connect account.

Or don't go! Tell us how we can help.

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