Does TypeEngine support MobileAppTracking (MAT) ?

Yes! If you want to, you can make use of MobileAppTracking with your TypeEngine app.

To set it up, just sign into your MobileAppTracking account and under Publishers > Mobile Apps, click on Add Mobile App. (If you haven't yet, first create an account. Then Log In. You will be prompted to Create App to get started.)

1. Create the App:

- Package Name (Bundle ID): this can be found in your TypeEngine Console under Build My App > iOS form, or Android form.

- Store App ID:
this can be found by logging into your iTunes Connect account. Then go to Manage Your Apps > Click on your app > App Information.

- Destination URL:
this is a destination where users can download your app. Such as your iTunes Store URL, for example: Or you can use your own website.

2. Then go to your TypeEngine Console, under Publication > General Settings, and enter your MAT Advertiser ID and MAT Conversion Key. Click Save. Done!

Now your app will send install and update events to your MAT service.

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