How do I set up additional subscriptions with iTunes?

With TypeEngine, you can set up your app to offer more than one subscription option. For example you could offer the options: $1.99/month as well as $19.99/year.

To set up your subscription, you will need to make up a Subscription Product ID that will be entered both in iTunes Connect and in your TypeEngine console. To get an idea and view the Product ID for your current subscription, go to Build My App > iTunes form > Subscription Product IDs.

Your existing Subscription Product ID may look something like this:

And the new one could be something like this, as long as it is unique:

First, create your subscription in iTunes Connect:

1. Log into iTunes Connect, then click on Manage Your Apps
2. Click on your app, then Manage In-App Purchases
3. Click on the line item for your subscription
4. Click on "add duration", and enter your choices and Product ID
5. Save


Next, place the Product ID in your TypeEngine console:

1. Again go to Build My App, and to the iTunes form
2. Under 'Subscription Product IDs' enter your additional subscription ID in this box
3. Hit the Enter/Return key to drop to the next line inside the box, and do not use commas.

Finally, just wait for your new subscription offer to be approved by Apple! Once approved, it should be available to your readers almost immediately - within 24 hours.

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