How do I set the text for purchase buttons?

In your app, there is descriptive text required for the subscription and purchase buttons displayed. The pricing is automatically read from the store and sent to the app, but the description and duration is not. If no description is entered, it will only show the price. This may be confusing, especially if you have more than one subscription offered. So this will need to be set by you as the publisher, and here is how to do so.

- For Subscriptions:


To set the descriptive text for Subscriptions, go to Build My App > iTunes form > Subscription Product IDs. 

Immediately following your Product ID there should be a colon, no space. Then, using {0} as a placeholder for your price, enter a description for that purchase. Do not fill in your pricing here, but just leave it as zero. It doesn't matter where the {0} appears, it is a placeholder that determines "where" the formatted price will be placed. So, it could be at the end of the display, or middle, if preferred. The format should look something like this (also above):

          net.typeengine.pragmaticMagazine.subscription:{0} for 1 issue per month

- For Single Issues:


If you have an individual issue set up for sale, you'll need to set descriptive text for that purchase as well.

Go to that Issue, and to the Pricing tab to fill in the 'Reference/Name' field next your Product ID. Enter a description, and again, use the {0} as a placeholder for where you want the price to be. 

For example: the below description (Buy Issue/{0}) would show up in the app as 'Buy Issue/3.99'.

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