How do I set up my account to publish for Android?

I. TypeEngine Android Set Up

1.   Go to Build My App in the TypeEngine Console
2.   Set up account for Android ($99 app building and submitting fee for each platform)

II. Set Up Google Play Account

1.   Sign into with your Google account and keep this site open for all remaining steps
2.   Accept the Developer Agreement
3.   Pay the $25 USD registration fee 
4.   Complete your account details

III. Invite us to Google Play Account

1.   Click onto Settings
2.   On the left, click User Accounts & Rights
3.   Near the top of the screen, click Invite New User
4.   Type in
5.   Select the Release Manager access level
6.   Click Send Invitation
IV. Create a Merchant Account

1.   Open Financial reports on the side navigation
2.   Click Setup a Merchant Account now
3.   Enter in your business information

V. Create the Project

1.   Go to the API Access page under Settings
2.   Accept the Terms of Service
3.   Click Create new project

(If you already have a project created that you would like to use, please contact us at before continuing).

VI. Invite us to Google Developer account

1.   Once the project is created, click onto name of the Project to open (this will take you to your account at
2.   Click onto Permissions on the left
3.   Click Add Member
4.   Enter in and give us “Is Owner” access to the project
5.   Click Create

VII. Fill out Consent Screen

1.   Click onto APIs & Auth on the left
2.   Click onto Consent Screen
3.   Select email address for project. (Must be same gmail address as the owner of Google Play account).
4.   Product name is required (Publisher or Company name, to encompass all apps).
5.   Optionally, fill in the other fields.
.   Click Save

VIII. Set up Billing Info

1.   In the sidebar, click onto Billing & Settings
2.   Click Enable Billing
3.   Select your location and fill out the form
4.   Click Submit and Enable Billing

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