What are the pros and cons of sharing my content on the web and social media?

As a publisher, you have a couple choices when it comes to sharing. You can use the default TypeEngine sharing platform Web Reader, or you can decide to design your own custom sharing website.

Here are a some pros and cons:

Pros for creating your own sharing website
  • You have full control over how much content you share on a per article basis. You can share anything from a single sentence to a full issue.
  • Links that are shared have your own domain name. This is especially good if you have a website or page dedicated to your publication.
  • You have full control over the visual design of your sharing website.

Cons of creating your own sharing system
  • You have to do it yourself. It takes time and effort.

Pros of using the TypeEngine sharing system
  • Zero time and effort. It's already done.
  • Smart banners, issue cover art and app store links are automatically built in.
  • You can use the Web Reader to also offer Web Subscriptions, or Web Log In.

Cons of using the TypeEngine sharing system
  • Uses default TypeEngine look and feel. Custom themes are not available yet for the sharing template.
  • Uses a TypeEngine short url. The url does not contain your personal domain name.

As you can see, there are benefits to both.

One simple way to build out your own sharing website is to create a Wordpress or Squarespace account and create a new post for each article using as much or as little of your article in the web preview as you desire.

Having a home for your publication on the web is a great idea. A simple one page website where people can find you and link to your content can be a great marketing tool for getting the word out about your awesome content.

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