What do I need to know about launching an Android app?

Google has a great 18-point Launch Checklist we recommend you review to prepare for launching your Android app.

For a quick overview of what you will need to launch your app, we've created a basic checklist for you to review:

In TypeEngine:
1. Create your publication, including the About issue and one more issue
2. Under the Build My App screen, click the Build My App button for Android
3. Fill out the Build My App > Android 4.0+ form
4. Fill out the Build My App > Google Play form

In Google:
1. Set up your Google Play account
2. Add TypeEnginePublishing@gmail.com as a user to your Google Play account
3. Create a Merchant account for your Google Play account
4. Create a Project under your Google Play account
5. Add TypeEnginePublishing@gmail.com as a member to your Google Developer account
6. Fill out the Google Developer Consent screen
7. Set up your Billing information
8. Add single issue purchases

For a more detailed description for completing the Google steps, click here.

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