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  1. Can an editor use the TypeEngine Preview app using their own login info?

  2. Can I add maps or embed Google Maps or any kind of maps to my content?

  3. Can I cancel my account?

  4. Can I create more than one publication with my TypeEngine account?

  5. Can I embed my publication content on my website?

  6. Can I generate promo codes for free subscriptions?

  7. Can I upload a PDF so its pages display inside my publication?

  8. Can I use gif formatted files in my articles?

  9. Can I use Typekit, Google Web Fonts, or another hosted webfont service with TypeEngine?

  10. Can readers share my articles on the web and social media?

  11. Do I need to pay attention to file sizes for my publication?

  12. Do subscribers have to pay each time they download the app on a device?

  13. Do you have a sample template I can use?

  14. Do you have a sample workflow for creating a TypeEngine publication?

  15. Does TypeEngine support "Read it Later" options?

  16. Does TypeEngine support MobileAppTracking (MAT) ?

  17. Does TypeEngine support multiple users?

  18. From outside my app, how can I open my app using a link?

  19. How are download fees calculated?

  20. How can I get the most from my app description?

  21. How can I reorder articles in an issue?

  22. How can I set my download statistics to show more than 90 days back?

  23. How do I add an advertisement to an article?

  24. How do I add an external link to an image?

  25. How do I add an image gallery or slideshow to an article?

  26. How do I add footnotes?

  27. How do I add my design to my publication?

  28. How do I add or remove images, audio or other assets to my article?

  29. How do I apply CSS to a specific article?

  30. How do I assign a template and metadata to my article?

  31. How do I change my screenshots in the App Store?

  32. How do I change my subscription in Google Play?

  33. How do I check on how much money Apple owes me?

  34. How do I create a new author or assign an existing author to an article?

  35. How do I create a new subscription in Google Play?

  36. How do I create a privacy policy? What should be included?

  37. How do I create an article?

  38. How do I create an issue?

  39. How do I embed the Subscribe button?

  40. How do I embed video? Which Vimeo or YouTube link should I use?

  41. How do I export my article content?

  42. How do I fill out the Build My App - Android 4.0+ form?

  43. How do I fill out the Build My App - Google Play form?

  44. How do I fill out the Build My App - iTunes form?

  45. How do I fill out the Build My App iOS - 7.0+ form?

  46. How do I invite people to my publication?

  47. How do I let you know my publication is ready?

  48. How do I log out of the console?

  49. How do I offer an issue for free?

  50. How do I publish an issue?

  51. How do I reassign or move an article to an Issue?

  52. How do I remove my app from sale in the App Store?

  53. How do I remove my app from sale in the Google Play Store?

  54. How do I set the text for purchase buttons?

  55. How do I set up a single issue for sale through iTunes?

  56. How do I set up additional subscriptions with iTunes?

  57. How do I set up Article-to-Article links?

  58. How do I set up links to open in an external browser?

  59. How do I set up my account to publish for Android?

  60. How do I set up my General Settings?

  61. How do I set up my Issue Downloads/Analytics?

  62. How do I set up single issue sales on Android?

  63. How do I set up the Web Reader for a Free publication?

  64. How do I set up web log in for WordPress?

  65. How do I sign up for an account?

  66. How do I sign up for the Apple Developer Program?

  67. How do I use custom fonts?

  68. How do I use the TypeEngine preview app?

  69. How do updates to published articles and issues work?

  70. How does a reader cancel a subscription?

  71. How long will it take for my app to be approved by Apple?

  72. How long will it take for my app to be approved by Google?

  73. How much creative control do I have over the appearance of my app?

  74. How much does TypeEngine cost?

  75. How to set up integration with Facebook?

  76. How will I be billed?

  77. Is there a way to preview my publication without the TypeEngine preview app?

  78. Now that my app is in the App Store, what can I update?

  79. Tour Of A TypeEngine App

  80. What are my iOS app's subscription pricing and interval options?

  81. What are the pros and cons of sharing my content on the web and social media?

  82. What do I need to know about launching an Android app?

  83. What does the iTunes App Description need to say?

  84. What incentives can I offer my readers?

  85. What is Markdown?

  86. What is Story Stream and how can I customize it?

  87. What is the Read Anywhere role?

  88. What is the Web Reader?

  89. What languages does TypeEngine support?

  90. What options do I have for making back issues available or not?

  91. What percentage of revenue does each app store take?

  92. What platforms and stores does TypeEngine support?

  93. What should I expect once my iOS app is approved?

  94. What size should article images be?

  95. What tracking and marketing platforms does TypeEngine work with?

  96. What will I see in Google Analytics about my app?

  97. What's the deal with the About Issue?

  98. When I click Publish in the console, how long before that issue appears in my app?

  99. When will I get paid from Apple?

  100. Where can I get statistics and analytics on my apps?

  101. Where does the information come from for the Issue Downloads screen?

  102. Why do I need to join the Apple Developer Program?

  103. Will my app styling appear the same across the iOS, Android and web platforms?

  104. Will TypeEngine submit my app for me?

  105. Your Google Play App Icons and Images

  106. Your iOS App Icons and Images

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